OCCH’s January Adoption Event

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In the first meeting of what will become a monthly occurrence, Orange County Cavy Haven (www.cavyhaven.org/) joined together with the Bunny Bunch (www.bunnybunch.org) to put on an adoption event at the Burrow in Fountain Valley, CA. Pigs, bunnies, and people all combined for a fun and informative afternoon for everyone involved.


One of the highlights of the day was a full grooming demo for long-haired piggies – brushing, combing, and trimming the hair, as well as clipping the nails – which leaves the pigs clean and comfortable and their owners satisfied that their fuzzy family members are well taken care of.



Each month, OCCH and the Bunny Bunch will try to conduct a demo of interest to piggy people so that, even if you’re not ready or even looking to adopt a rescued animal, you can still come, enjoy the day, and learn something new about these lovable creatures.


In the course of the afternoon, three guinea pigs were adopted and left to be with their new families, and two more were placed on hold until the application came in the following day. OCCH does not do same-day adoptions so, if you’re interested in taking a pig home from one of these events, you will need to submit the adoption application for approval at least a week in advance. You can get an application by e-mailing OCCH at cavyhaven_adoptions@yahoo.com.


The venue was a lot of fun because people could wander around and look at all the animals, including some very adorable bunnies.




And many people brought their pigs and bunnies just to enjoy the day and to avail themselves of the grooming services.




We also had several new volunteers show up and it’s always great to welcome new members to the OCCH family. If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, or if you’d like to become a foster parent to one or more of our pigs, please contact us at cavyhaven3@gmail.com.


We look forward to seeing you at next month’s event – which is February 9 from noon-3pm.  There will be a Valentine’s Day spa and photo booth, so bring your piggies for their holiday photos!!  (Please mention OCCH at the photo booth.)




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Guinea pigs are prey animals.  As such, they are very good at hiding illnesses because they  instinctively know that predators can pick up on the signs of a weak animal and that leaves them vulnerable.  Therefore, by the time your piggy is showing overt signs of illness, it can often be too late.  Early detection and preventive care are key to maintaining the health of your piggy and avoiding unnecessary medical complications or even premature death.

Here are some warning signs and tips.  For a more comprehensive list, please see http://www.guinealynx.info/emergency.html

Warning Signs

Not eating:  Guinea pigs need to eat to keep their digestive tracts moving.  If you piggy has stopped eating, he needs to go to a qualified cavy vet immediately.  Every piggy emergency medical kit should contain Oxbow’s Critical Care and a feeding syringe.  If piggy  has stopped eating, you will need to hand-feed your pig at least every 4 hours to keep his digestive tract moving until the vet can treat the underlying problem.  Be careful when hand-feeding to gently syringe feed piggy so as not to aspirate him – just slowly depress the plunger and, if his mouth is moving, he is swallowing.

I’m not okay with this either…

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So I’m finally getting around to showing you what mom has on the other side of her computer screen…in the last post, where I showed you what she looks at while she’s at school – notes on the left side and that pipsqueak Simon on the right, there was obviously something hidden behind the window with her notes.  Now, a reasonable person would likely assume that a picture of me is behind there so that, when she gets bored of looking at that drab and homely Simon and wants to light up her screen with beauty, she can switch her notes to the other side.  Well, apparently, mom isn’t reasonable…because this is what’s hiding underneath those boring Jurisprudence notes…


I can only imagine that, if she has to sit through a 3.5 hour class, she would rather look at boring dudes rather than a stunning, handsome fellow such as myself because then she would want to run home and admire me properly…and that would make it harder to stay at school.

Either that or, as I’m really starting to suspect, she’s just crazy.

A Thank You to Fosters

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A Thank You to Fosters

So busy again.  Haven’t had time to write.  Apparently, mom has though.  Look what I came across in Guinea Pig Today…

Keeping piggies cool in the summer

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Keeping piggies cool in the summer

Mom has been very busy lately and so I haven’t had a chance to write much.  She says she has to be able to monitor me when I’m on the computer because I’m so smart she needs to make sure I’m not hacking into top-secret government computer networks and getting her in all kinds of trouble.  Anyway…so in the meantime, here’s something to read.

I’m really not okay with this…


Look what I saw on mom’s Facebook page!


This is what she looks at while she’s in class.  Those boring things on the left are her notes…that boring thing on the right is…not me!!  That’s my pipsqueak bro, Simon.  Hello?!!  Why would she put Simon as a screensaver and stare at Simon all day when there are countless cute pictures of me to choose from?!  I happen to be gorgeous (as well as tremendously smart and capable).  Everybody comments on my shiny hair and cute nose.  So what gives, mom?!!

The longer I know her, the less I understand her.

Mom’s trying to school me

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I am pretty annoyed today.  I weighed in at 30 grams less than I did on my last weekly check in so now I have to be weighed every other day until mom is comfortable that there’s nothing wrong with me.  It isn’t bad enough that she cleaned my grease gland today but I had to be weighed too?  Doesn’t she realize that I’m smart enough to tell her when something is wrong with me?  Apparently, she doesn’t because, when I made a fuss, she had me read this blog post.

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